Rental Terms

1. Pricing

Pricing is quoted on a ‘per day’ basis (24 hour period)

Rate Includes

VAT 24%
Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)
Theft Protection (TW) with excess
Third Party Liability
Break down assistance


Collision Damage Waiver and Theft Waiver (or Theft Protection) herein called CDW and TW (TP) respectively, is cover limiting the customer’s liability for damage to or theft of the rental vehicle. The level of liability is the amount known as the insurance excess which can differ depending upon the type of the vehicle and customer’s age.

Rate Excludes

Out Of Hours service (22:01 to 07:59)

One way fees (if applicable)

Optional extras purchased locally

2. Requirements to Hire

Driver License Requirements

All hirers must be in possession of a valid and original European or International Driving License.
Driving licenses must be held for a minimum of 1-2 years, depending on the age of the driver & the car group (Please see Driver Age Requirements)

In the event that the hirer arrives at the rental desk without the necessary documentation, the booking will be cancelled.

Forms of Identification

Valid photo ID (passport or national ID).

Methods of Payment

MasterCard, Visa credit, debit cards and direct Bank transfer.
American Express with 4% surcharge.

Preauthorisation of Deposits

A Security Deposit is required to be taken from the main driver’s Credit Card (Master or Visa only).
Debit cards are not accepted.

The period until the funds are released may take up to 14 working days depending on the type of card and country of issue.

For rental durations that exceed 12 days, we may deduct the excess from your credit card instead of preauthorise, as a preauthorisation only lasts for a certain amount of time before expiring.

Driver Age Requirements

The minimum age of a driver is 21 years with the young driver surcharge (YDS) and 23 or 25 without it, regarding the car group. The maximum age is 74 without a surcharge. Drivers over 75 years will be subject to the senior driver’s surcharge.

One year of minimum driving experience is required for all groups. For premium, luxury cars and vans, at least two years of experience is required.

  • For vehicle groups A,B,C,D, K & S the minimum age is 23 or 21 with YDS (10 EUR VAT included)
  • For vehicle groups D,E,E1,F,F1,H,H1,G,O,R,X,W,W1,X1,Y,Y1,L the minimum age is 25 or 23 with YDS (15EUR VAT included)
  • For Vehicle groups D, E , E1 , H , H1 , G , O , X X1 the minimum age can be 21 with YDS PLUS (20 EUR VAT Included)
  • For the premium vehicle groups J, J1, I, I1, V, P1, P the minimum age is 25

3. Excess amounts, additional cover and exclusions

We provide insurance and waiver products to cover the principal risks that may incur when driving the vehicle. These may be included in the rate or available as optional extra products.


CDW is included in the rate and limits the driver’s liability in the event that the rental car is damaged, subject to the terms and conditions of the rental agreement. Rather than the full cost of the value of the vehicle, the driver is responsible for the first portion, known as their ‘excess’ stated on the Rental Agreement.

CDW does not include glass, lights, indicators, roof, antennas, tires, wheels, the interior and the underneath of the vehicle.


The Full Damage Waiver Package reduces the excess and the deposit to a lower amount. Mechanical parts are not covered.


Vehicle Group Deposit  Amount – Excess
A, B, C, D , S         750 EUR
E, K         900 EUR
H, H1, O         1100 EUR
E1, F, F1, H, H1, G, O, R, J, J1 , L, L1 , X, Y, Y1 W, W1         1300 EUR
I, I1, V, P, P1,Z, N         1500 EUR



Are not covered by CDW or FDW insurance. There is an optional insurance for 5 € per day for tires and 5 € per day for windshields.

CDW, and FDW do not cover the loss of or damage to the keys and locks, accessories and to objects or property, (including luggage or goods) that are deposited in the Vehicle.

CDW, FDW and TP will not apply if the terms of the rental have been broken.


CDW & FDW will be void – meaning that your liability to us for damage or loss will not be reduced or eliminated – where the damage to the Vehicle is caused by Natural events such as hail or flood, by accidents with animals, by the act of vandalism or any unidentified third party whilst the Vehicle is parked or left unattended, to uncovered parts of the Vehicle, by driver’s grossly negligence (e.g. burning a clutch which requires persistent ill use) by putting wrong fuel in the vehicle or otherwise contaminating the fuel.

Only the renter or any other additional drivers mentioned on the rental agreement are allowed to use the vehicle. The vehicle is not allowed to be used for any purposes against the Greek law, for transportation of heavy objects, baggage, flammable materials, for towing other vehicle, to be used outside the road network or under drug or alcohol influence of the driver. The customer is obliged to accept responsibility in respect of such claims.

In the case where a customer is found negligent we reserve the right to pursue the customer for the recovery of all losses incurred.

4. Extra equipment & services

Additional Driver: 5 EUR per day.
Roadside assistance: 5 EUR per day.
Booster: 5 EUR per day. Max. 70 EUR per rental
Baby seat/Infant seat: 5 EUR per day. Max. 70 EUR per rental
Snow chains: 10 EUR per day. Max.120 EUR per rental
GPS: 10 EUR per day. Max.120 EUR per rental

All additional drivers must be physically at the rental counter with their driving licenses at the time of the pickup.

Extra equipment rented locally must be returned in the same condition.
Loss of or damage to the equipment is not covered by any insurance.

Installation of Baby / Child Seats

The responsibility rests with the hirer and will not be done by our employees. This is due to liability in case of inappropriate installation.

It is mandatory by Greek law to use rear facing infant seat for babies under 12 months old, baby seat for children under 5 years old and baby seat or booster for children up to 6 years.

Ferry & Cross border travel

Ferrying the vehicle is not allowed. Cross-border travel is not allowed.
Any of the above will be considered as negligent that voids any insurance.

One Way Hire

Where offered, an additional fee will be charged.

Delivery/ Collection Service

Delivery and collection service may be available in some locations on request. Charges may apply.

Out of Hours Collection and Drop Off

Out of Hours reservations from 22.01 until 07.59 will incur a cost of 25 EUR.
Grace time during OOH is 1 hour.

5. Policies

Vehicle Group/Model

Reservations are confirmed for a group of vehicles with similar technical and design characteristics and not a particular model unless shown otherwise. The vehicle shown on any documentation is for guidance only and may be substituted with an alternative, similar or upgraded vehicle.

Vehicle Condition

Vehicles must be returned to the location/drop off point in the same condition as when it was picked up/delivered. It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that the vehicle is thoroughly checked prior to taking custody of the vehicle.

Renter is fully responsible to keep the vehicle in perfect working order and reducing the risk of breakdown and damage by complying with the Terms & Conditions.

The vehicle must be returned in a clean condition (normal wear and tear accepted). If there is exceptional dirt or damage to the seats, seat upholstery or the carpets, an additional cleaning fee will apply. This charge will be dependent upon the actual state of the vehicle when returned.


In case of a collision, accident or any other incident with or without a third party involvement, the renter should immediately inform the car rental company and the police. Renter is responsible in the next 24 Hrs from the accident / incident to receive and bring to the local office of the rental company a full completed police report. The car rental will replace the damaged car with similar upon availability and distance from the closest station.

If an accident occurred, regardless of fault, the local office will charge immobilisation fee, loss of use, administration fee 120€ and / or towing and transfer of the vehicle. The above charges may exceed the corresponding CDW excess amount and are not refundable.

Failure to report accidents truthfully and in keeping with the rental terms and conditions will result the driver being liable for all claims costs.

Immobilisation / Loss of Use Fees

Immobilisation fees will be charged if a fault with a car was caused by the customer’s negligence and not due to break down of the rented car. In addition, customers will also be charged for the length of time the vehicle is off road and remains out of service while the vehicle is in repair.

Lost Keys

Loss of or damage to the keys is not covered by any insurance and charges apply.
Spare key delivery at the breakdown location will be charged depending on the distance. If a vehicle is stolen and keys are not returned to the rental location, the hirer will be deemed negligent.

Damage Estimation Policy
The damage estimation of a vehicle is calculated by DAT Hellas.

Fuel Policy
Hirers are requested to return the vehicle with the same level of fuel as was supplied at the time of collection. Missing fuel will be charged per litre (daily rate) and an additional charge of 15 EUR (Refuelling Fee).

Mileage Policy

Smoking Policy
Smoking is not allowed in any of our vehicles.

Animals in Vehicles
Animals should be transported in our vehicles only contained

In the event that a vehicle is returned in an unclean condition (internally or externally) and requires more than our standard clean, a valeting charge will apply.

Delayed Collections/ Non show policy

From the specified reservation time and up to 2 hours after that, the reservation is active. After that the reservation will be voided. If the hirer arrives any time after the expiration of the reservation or if in the meantime the rental station closes then a vehicle is not assured.
If no flight number is provided then the reservations will be held for 1 hour or until the station closes.

Rental Extensions

If customers wish to extend their rental, they must notify the office in writing at least 24 hours before the rental is due to end. If the extension is possible the rental will be charged at the prevailing rate which may be higher than the original booking rate.

Late Returns

After the end time stated on the agreement and the grace period of 60min, the booking will be classed as a late return and additional charges will occur

Early Returns/Unused Rental Days

No refunds (partial or full) will be given for rentals ended early including the purchase of ancillary items, late collections, no shows or cancellations made after the rental start date.

Fines, Penalties and Administration Charges

Each hirer is responsible to cover the cost of any parking fines and traffic violations. When fines or traffic violations occur and our company is involved in administrating the charge, a fee of 20 EUR will be charged to the hirer.

Opening Hours:

Airport locations 08:00-22:00

Hotel desks: 08:00-11:30 & 18:00-22:00

All information relating to privacy and data protection when using our services will be contained on our privacy policy which is located on our website –

Any dispute which may arise from any rental agreement shall be governed by the Greek Law and shall fall within the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of the city of Rhodes